1L Designs

It all started on a beautiful spring day in Philadelphia, Pa. I needed a new necklace to wear for a night out on the town, but I wanted it to be one of a kind. I always really enjoyed accessorizing and kept up with the current fashion trends, so why not try and create my own piece? After researching the jewelry industry and spending hours brainstorming, I was ready to start creating!

Once my first piece was done, I found an outfit to match my beautiful new necklace and met my girlfriends out for dinner in Philadelphia (how many of you shop for accessories to go with a specific outfit? I know I do!!). As I was out and about, women were coming up to me asking where I got my necklace. I was so excited to tell them that the necklace I was wearing was one that I HAD MADE!

I knew then that I wanted to spend more time making other women feel just as beautiful and alive as I did that night. A couple weeks later, 1L Designs was born!
I feel so fortunate to be able to share my love of fashion and sense of jewelry design with all of you. I hope that my passion for fashion continues to make women feel sexy and vibrant. Lets be honest, nothing feels better than putting on a fabulous piece of jewelry!

Happy Shopping!

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